implementing business through technology


I can give your project the qualitative edge over your competition. With nearly two decades of experience, my knowledge of design, usability and functionality will make all the difference in your project.

creative services

The look and feel of your project is the first element that your target market will experience. Thoughtful, creative planning of form and function are essential steps in the success of your project. I offer a full range of creative development services, and I will be happy to walk you through the stages of creative development to a finished product that really delivers.

technical development

Besides looking good, you project has to work well. I offer a comprehensive list of technical services that will balance the presentation of the site site with cutting-edge functionality and interactivity.

wordpress development

Now more than ever, any idea is marketable. The simplest solution is to create a website; the simplest websites are created in WordPress. I can get your website online and functioning more quickly using the leading Web publishing platform.

media and animation

In any project, the value of motion and sound can be measured by the response of your market to your campaign. Marc Gottlieb Creative Solutions gives your company a single source for creative visual.

social media services

The online personality of your business is a crucial facet of your marketing and customer service. I provide a wide range of services that will help you manage your online relationship with customers and vendors, responding quickly and professionally.

search engine optimization

Yes, I do offer SEO services. It’s a six-month plan and it includes:

  • 48 fresh, researched articles (2/week) that all pass SEO checks, meaning it has accompanying license-free images as well as text, headers, keyword density, good readability scores
  • Market and goal identification and strategic planning
  • Site review and optimization including template code, microformat/structured data markup
  • Social Media review, cleanup, and maintenance, including Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and whatever other social media channels are being used.
  • Ranking metrics